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Township of Scugog: Value Added Agricultural Practices

Population: 21,569

 Rural communities finding creative solutions for value added agricultural practices. 


 A key initiative that aids the township is a comprehensive zoning by-law that allows for home occupations and home industries. This type of zoning by-law is meant to encourage small businesses on rural properties. 

Official Plan Policy

 2.7 Economic  Development

c) Encouraging the development of home-based businesses provided the proposed use is compatible with adjacent land uses;

d) Providing opportunities to improve and enhance the quality of agriculture value-added industry in the Township including local agricultural food production processing and distribution; 

Innovative Features 

 Home Industries Zoning By-Law

  • These industries are meant to serve the surrounding farm community and could include: small welding shops, wood- working businesses, bed and breakfasts, as well as other home occupations.

  • These home industries are considered small business incubators which could move into larger employment areas in the future. 

Key Lessons and Tools
  • Focus on promoting agricultural businesses and food production businesses. Some of the success that the township has been experiencing is a result of hard work which has focused on promoting and growing agricultural related businesses.

  • Have committees that support various municipal initiatives. 


Don Gordon, Planner

905-985-7346 ext. 153 

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