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Township of Prince: Aging Community 

Population: 1,031

 Rural communities finding ways to create healthy aging communities. 

  • The township has been making a great effort to assess the needs of the public; Prince Township is a bedroom community to Sault Ste. Marie and has an aging community.

  • There are large amount of priorities based on accessibility and improving transportation. 

Official Plan Policy
  1. Planning public streets spaces and facilities to be safe meet the needs of pedestrians and facilitate pedestrian and non-motorized movement including walking and cycling.

4.2 Residential Growth and Housing

An aging population may result in some demand for higher density dwelling types including seniors housing and assisted living arrangements. 

Innovative Features 

 2013-2018 Accessibility Plan

  • Some of the results of the plan were extending bus services from Sault St. Marie into the township; Prince Township has an arrangement with the city for a bus to come to the corner of two highways

  • There is also a vulnerable persons list which identifies members in the community that are in need of any assistance and the municipality makes an effort to aid these individuals when required. Transportation through red cross is also available.

  • In terms of communication the municipality makes an effort to keep connected with residents through a monthly newsletter and a newly installed sign outside of the municipal office which posts messages about important community events.

  • A key item that has provided the municipality with funding for their Strategic Plan and Accessibility Plan has been a co-op program funded by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Association. 

Key Lessons and Tools
  • For communities in northern Ontario, connecting with the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Association.

  • Sharing ideas and resources with neighbouring communities.

  • Keeping an eye out for grants that would allow the possibility of co-op employment for the township of Prince the grant which allowed them hire a co-op student was extremely valuable. 


Peggy Greco CAO/ Administrator

705.779.2992 ext.101 

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