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Town of Hanover: Youth Planning

Population: 7,490

 Rural communities finding ways to engage youth. 

  • Youth Friendly Status was awarded to the Town of Hanover; engaging youth has become a strength for the town.

  • This has been most successful due to developing action plans together as a community. Mike also explained that the own of Hanover looks at precedents of what other communities are doing. 

Official Plan Policy

2. Population Characteristics
The population of the own will be characterized by a reversal of the recent decline in the pre-school and school age population a relatively stable labour force and an increasing proportion of senior citizens.

C.3.2.3.(Min Mod. 7) To coordinate with the County and adjacent municipalities and appropriate agencies the development and use of social and recreational facilities. 

Innovative Features 

  Fusion Youth Activity and Technology Centre

  • This centre is in the process of being developed in Hanover and was a precedent taken from the community of Ingersoll.

  • Some of the services that would be provided by this type of facility would include education recreation social services and exposure to technology.

  • This type of youth facility would be geared to young people who are not planning on pursuing post-secondary education. The centre would aid these youth in nding alternative employment options that would allow them to remain and reside in Hanover.

  • Another element that contributes to the success of the outh Friendly Status is the Youth Roots Group which is a community organization that is supported by the municipality and engages youth and adults in the community. 

Key Lessons and Tools
  • Use other communities as inspiration.

  • Have community groups and committees ex. Youth Roots Group.

  • Break a project down into manageable pieces.

  • Have political and municipal staff backing. 


Mike Dunlop CAO & Clerk

519.364.2780 ext.22  

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