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Halton Region: Value Added Agricultural Practices

Population: 501,669

Rural communities achieving a local economy through value added agricultural practices. 

  • For the rural areas of Halton the land use perspective is to protect for agriculture. Halton Region has been active in protecting agricultural land even in advance of the Provincial Policy Statements and Greenbelt initiatives.

  • The policy commitment of Halton is to engage and educate the community about the importance of long term sustainability of farms. 

Official Plan Policy

99(8) To promote a diverse, innovative and economically strong agricultural industry in Halton by tailoring its products and marketing to meet local and regional needs and demands.

99(7) To promote agriculture-related tourism and direct sales of farm produce and accessory products to visitors and local businesses.

100(14) home occupations and cottage industries with a gross door area not exceeding 1


100(14) home occupations and cottage industries with a gross oor area not exceeding 100 s m or 25 percent of the residential living area, whichever is lesser.

100(15) bed and breakfast establishments with three or fewer guest bedrooms. 

Innovative Features 

 Rural Agricultural Strategy

  • The goals of the Rural Agricultural Strategy are to encourage viable farm succession, a healthy rural economy, successful agri-tourism, and opportunities for supplemental income for farmers.

  • The specific initiatives to make these goals possible include the allowance of small business operations, rural services to support farming economic strategies specifically geared at farms and agriculture, as well as agri-tourism strategies and promoting local food and unique crops.

  • This document receives input from the Agricultural Advisory Committee, which is mainly composed of residents in the community. The region has also hired an Agricultural Liaison Officer full-time whose main tasks are to manage agricultural related policies in the community. 

Key Lessons and Tools
  • The resources that allow the initiatives in Halton Region to become a reality are commitment from council who is extremely committed to maintaining a rural landscape. The rural landscape is able to exist through capital funds.

  • Have existing plans and strategies in place this allows for initiatives to be implemented when funds become available.

  • Focus increasingly on a healthier economy, which will result in a healthier population. 


Dan Tovey, Planner

905-825-6000 ext. 720  

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