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County of Haliburton: Access to Local Food

Population: 17,026

Rural communities focusing on access to local food. 

  • In Haliburton County there is a community food security networking group called Haliburton County FoodNet, which is a coalition of people involved in food program and/or addressing food insecurity.

  • There are approximately 16 – 20 organizations involved in FoodNet, which include an array of various food programs from food banks, food skills, community meals, student nutrition, meals on wheels and more recently local food programs.

  • FoodNet works together as a not for pro t community partnership to help move toward community food security. FoodNet also focuses on raising awareness, relationship building and connecting various people and organizations together in order to make change happen. 

Innovative Features 

Collectively FoodNet has developed an understanding of the food insecurity issues throughout the county and all members work together to ensure everyone has access to safe and healthy food. For example it has been identified that 76 of seniors and adults with disabilities surveyed from Community Care Haliburton are consuming 2 or less servings of fruits and vegetables per day. FoodNet will establish a system to support seniors and adults with disability to increase their access of fresh and local food. Community gardens provide community kitchens with fresh produce which is processed and then shared with other food programs. Members share storage space, transportation, and advocate for each other. 

Key Lessons and Tools
  • Partnerships such as the network described above, make it easier to receive grants and have the opporunity to

  • collaborate in order to provide more services.

  • It is effective to nd various ways in which to encourage relationship building within the community.

  • Discover a common goal of community members and then have one project to work on together and build partnerships. 


HKPR District Health Unit

Rosie Kadwell, Public Health Dietician

705.457.1391 ext.3238 

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