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County of Grey: Active Transportation/Active Communities

Population: 92,568

Rural communities taking initiative in regards to transportation deficits in their communities. 

  • Transportation has been recognized as a key issue within the community.

  • The lack of transportation and active transportation options keeps people from having a range of options when travelling to various destinations.

  • Some residents experience barriers such as getting to medical appointments or grocery stores which inturn has health im- pacts. 

Official Plan Policy

1.6 Objectives
1.6.1 Physical
To locate and develop any new transportation and utility corridors and facilities, and/or expand the use of existing corridors in a manner which minimizes any negative effects. 

Innovative Features 

 Transportation Management Plan (TMP)

  • The community recognized that there is a need to do a TMP in terms of looking at a variety of factors, such as active transportation and looking at transit opportunities to connect dispersed and downtown communities and service facilities in downtown areas.

  • Some recommendations from the transportation management plan are based on the fact that there are a number of existing transit providers and that each are providing niche type services such as providing services for those with disabilities. A recommendation is to look for opportunities to expand or enhance those service options. 

Key Lessons and Tools
  • Work with your health unit, as they have a lot of information and resources.

  • Community engagement beyond the requirements of the Planning Act is important. 


Randy Scherzer - Director of Planning 

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