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For the month of March, the Healthy Rural Communities Toolkit was featured as an OPPI Planning Knowledge Exchange Blogpost. This post contributed to the dissemination of the toolkit and also featured a ‘comment’ section where individuals could comment and share their healthy community initiatives. Through this feature, we learned about interesting innovative practices that are ongoing in Ontario. Successfully, this blogpost was the most successful post for the planning knowledge exchange so far! It was also OPPI’s most popular tweet for the month of March! 



Ontario Professionals Planner’s Institute 2015 – October

Lattornell Annual Symposium 2015 – November

Parks and Recreation Ontario 2016 – April


Northern Ontario Municipal Association Conference 2016 – April

Association of Municipalities of Ontario (AGM) 2016 – August


Ontario East Municipal Conference 2016 – September


Ontario Professionals Planner’s Institute 2016 – October 

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