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Action 6: Tourism

Why is tourism important?

  • In many rural areas tourism-based businesses and services are an                                           important sector of the economy.

  • Tourism has the ability to improve the quality of life and well-being of                                       residents and visitors. It can enhance the use of a community’s natural                                       assets, character and cultural attributes. 


Halton Region: Case Study

  • Halton Region has an Agricultural Tourism Strategy, which is being led by the Economic Development Department.

  • Part of the Halton Region’s Economic Development vision includes collaborating with the Ministry of Tourism and Culture’s Regional Tourism 


Recommendations for rural communities

  • Consider developing a tourism strategy or bring the focus to tourism through community economic development. A tourism strategy can help to identify, build and develop infrastructure that will support the tourism sector wile also providing infrastructure and resources that will improve quality of life of residents.

  • Tips for practitioners:

    • Come up with creative ways to acquire the necessary funds; these could include writing funding proposals and applying for grants

    • Build a coalition with the business community and council.

    • Break a project down into manageable pieces

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