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Action 13: Climate Change

Why is climate change important?

  • It is now well recognized that climate change affects rural economies, the built environment and the natural environment. These impacts are hard to predict, but all facets of life will be affected. It is anticipated that both long-term and short-term alterations to land, air and water conditions will occur.

  • The severity of storm events, including extreme heat events, is one of the most immediate impacts to rural areas that require consideration. Depending on location, these events can result in wind and water damage impacts. Various increased hazards to property damage and human injury and loss of life can occur associated with tornadoes, ice storms, flooding and wild fires.

  • Climate change is a big picture issue; however, local rural community leaders can assist in acting locally to mitigate and adapt to climate change conditions. 


Recommendations for rural municipalities:

  • Acknowledge the concern for climate change through commentary and local action. Ensure that your official plan has policies related to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

  • Consider the development of a special purpose plan that considers climate change, sustainability and energy plans. This type of initiative provides potential for a more focused approach to have communities respond to climate change.

  • Consider undertaking community initiatives that involve greenhouse gas emissions reduction, sustainable neighborhood plans and brownfield remediation and redevelopment. 


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